Domain Adaptation

Natural Language Processing (NLP) enables businesses to understand their language data like never before, but each business has unique needs and unique data. The state-of-the-art general language AIs that power today’s NLP are built to understand “general” text like that found in popular novels or Wikipedia pages. But companies need to be able to understand their data. To unlock the full potential of these general language AIs on a given dataset, they need to be adapted to its nuances.


Vody’s domain adaptation tools maximize general language AI performance by adapting the model to a business’s domain and their specific text data. Built with Vody’s expertise in computational linguistics, the tools ensure proper adaptation without the loss of the original general understanding. Accessed through a simple API call, they easily fit into existing machine learning pipelines, simultaneously boosting NLP performance and accelerating the velocity of the data science team.

Vocabulary Adjustment

Add words specific to your business’ data or domain that the general language AI didn’t learn.

Semantic Drift

Change the meaning of words to account for different uses in your business’ data or domain compared to what the general language AI learned.

Task Augmented Pre-training

Improve the understanding of your business’ data by further training the AI with your specific tasks. 

Generated Pre-training

Generate additional training data that reflects the nuances of your business’ data to enable further training and improved language understanding.

Optimize Your ML