Rapidly build, train, test, & deploy
Fused Multimodal Foundational Models

No Black Boxes

We all hate “black boxes!” and open source models aren’t tailored for e-commerce. That’s why Vody builds tools for data scientists to upload data, select model configuration, and receive back a trained and optimized model to incorporate into their existing ML pipeline– using only three easy API calls. Build with tools made for you.

Integrates with your current stack

VodyMM injects the power of multimodal representations into existing models for e-commerce applications like recommendation/search/product matching. We use a set of curated and transparent routines, specific to e-commerce, that allows you to easily adapt the latest research and existing models for your business.

Introducing Vody Multi-modal (VodyMM): fuse all your data- Images, Text, Video, Audio, Clickstream

Optimized Models, Minimal Effort

Using cutting-edge research, Vody makes the latest optimization techniques available as a simple API call from your existing model development pipelines. We offer platform-agnostic, fixed-cost, server-less solutions to accelerate model development and supercharge performance. Our cutting-edge domain adaptation and multimodal representation routines enable clients to better understand and utilize their unstructured data and improve their ML pipeline’s performance and adaptability.

Decrease Time to Value

Vody’s AI automates optimization, eliminating month of engineering effort, producing results in hours.

Insights from Your Data

Vody offers products to enable rapid adoption of new models to use your data in new ways.

Integrates into Existing ML

A simple API call optimizes your models based on your data and your tasks.

Optimized Models

Optimized recommendation models have demonstrated a 40% uplift in sales conversion for online retailers.

Remain in Control

Vody’s optimization APIs offer advanced ML engineers parameters to tailor the optimization process.

Optimized Results

Businesses optimizing their ML see a 200% increase in ML-attributed revenue growth vs. pure adoption.


For Teams that Build ML

MultiModal Learning

MultiModal Learning enables your ML models to understand and work effectively with images, text, and structured data.

Domain Adaptation

Domain Adaptation adapts general language models to the context and domain-specific needs of your business.


Solving Real Business Problems


MultiModal Learning is one of the most impactful approaches for delivering a cutting-edge customer experience in eCommerce. Fusing images, text, and structured data into a representation space allows us to solve complex problems and deliver new capabilities expected by customers today.

 Some of these capabilities are:

  • Flexible Search (Images, Text, Structured Data)
  • Product Categorization / Auto-Tagging
  • Product Cleaning / De-Duplication
  • Product Similarity


Creating accurate and searchable representations from the growing visual media landscape is an exciting opportunity for MultiModal Learning. Creating joint representations of various modalities allows for rich downstream uses and applications.

 Some of these capabilities are:

  • Visual Q&A
  • Visual Reasoning
  • Image Captioning

Real Estate

The data set associated with a piece of real estate is rich and unique, spanning geographical and topographical data domains. Multimodal Learning is a powerful approach to fusing these unique datasets in a way that unlocks insight previously not possible.

 Some of these capabilities are:

  • Appraisal Generation
  • Attribute Recognition
  • Property Recommendation
  • Flexible Search

Rapidly build, train, test, & deploy 

Fused Multimodal Foundational Models